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Vintage Depression Glass

In short, Depression glass was machine made in the USA from the 1920’s until the 1930’s. It was economical, as well as available in a variety of shades. This glass was often handed out at motion pictures. Some pieces were awarded for sending in vouchers while other pieces could just be acquired at stores like Woolworth’s for cheap. So why now do people collect it? What is it about this antique depression glass that makes some individuals jump from a moving automobile and run half a block to get to a table of kitchen shakers and vases? (Yes, I have done that, and also bought everything on the table. That’s another story.) So let’s return to the start and look at depression glass a little bit more closely.

The Depression Era:

An additional name that is made use of with the depression is the economic downturn. There was the financial decline in the nations of US, Canada, UK and also most parts of the world. As a result, of the financial decline, field, and commercial productivity was reduced to the barest minimum. Many individuals were jobless. This had massive influence on other aspects of economic, food, tourism, movie theater, and so on

To boost the economy and also create an incentive for people to buy items and work, some companies developed the motivations of using attractive as well as helpful glass items as the token of recognition for patronizing them. Because this glass was being given away around the depression or economic downturn duration, the glassware brought earned the name depression glass. Most of these glasses were produced in the main as well as Midwest USA. There were accessibility to resources and also power. This made the manufacture of the glassware to be more economical in the first half of the nineteen century.  Green depression glass was the most popular during this time.

Depression glass was preferred as well as economical when it was new. The dime store, where the thrifty homemaker could discover everything from toiletries to house items, was a typical source for this economical acquisition.

When a loaf of bread was a nickel, frugal consumers can also acquire a piece of pink depression glass for around the same price. There’s a wonderful photo consisted of in The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Depression Glass by Genetics Florence revealing a Woolworth’s home window display advertising an Aged Swarm pattern sherbet dish and also under plate “comprehensive” for 10 cents.

Depression glass patterns additionally made their way into American residences via free offerings. Sellers or manufacturers would supply a cost-free grant for the purchase of a particular dollar quantity of products or a certain item, and frugal women took full advantage of these free offerings instead of looking for depression glass for sale.

The glass was taken from an oatmeal box one week, from a detergent box the following. Often gasoline stations would include a punch bowl and also mugs with an oil adjustment. Theater got in on the action supplying an item of glass with a ticket to a Saturday matinee.

The Companies:

There were seven major companies that made up most of the different patterns, and there were twelve various others that simply made 1-5 patterns each. The seven primary businesses were: Indiana Glass, Hocking Glass, US Glass, Evans Glass, Jeanette Glass, MacBeth Federal Glass, as well as Hazel-Atlas Glass. These companies were mainly located in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and also Oklahoma. An excellent variety of patterns did not offer a complete array of service, but still numerous did offer a full variety of pieces that people might just set a whole table with!